Aromatherapy basics

Online course

Course teachers: 

Internationally recognized and certified aromatherapist

olfactotherapist and life coach

The course content is developed based on verified information by French Aromatherapy School and is built around your lifestyle: 

Your aromatherapy courses, academic resources, and support services are all easily accessible 

Interactive learning, user-friendly online classroom, original videos and materials to build your foundation in essential oil use 


Online course on Aromatherapy basics

This exclusive online course consists of 10 lectures and is full of interesting and useful information that give you a solid foundation to use aromatherapy in your daily personal or professional life.

You will learn:

  • what are essential oils, how to choose them, essential oils safety and methods of use for various objectives; 

  • how to make a first aid family kit or a travel kit; 

  • how to take care of yourself, your family and your house with essential oils; 

  • about a healthy lifestyle;

  • 35 essential oils in details;


By the end of this class you will know how to use the essential oils to:

  • support your immune system (anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-flu, seasonal essential oils)

  • support a healthy sleep, for psycho-emotional balance (relaxing, harmonising, anti-stress & balancing properties)

  • enhance the beauty of your skin, face, body naturally (anti-age, toning, lifting, anti-scar and stretch-mark essential oils, anti-cellulite essential oils...)

  • detox (cleansing, support intestins, kidney, liver function)

  • support your muscles and joints (pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties)

  • purify & sanitise the air in your habitat or office , create a specific atmosphere with essential oils to stimulate conversations, productivity, creativity or relaxation 

  • support your kids (concentration, attention, memory, relaxation, sleep, immune system)

This course has been developed based on medical and scientific data of the French aromatherapy (France is the origin of the scientific aromatherapy) and on the professional experience of the founder and the French school of aromatherapy. We are going to cover not only theory, but also specific case studies and exercises.

This course participants will get the possibility to participate to a second module on aromatherapy specialising on olfactotherapy and aromapsychology.

For whom is this course?

If you are interested in a natural, healthy and balanced lifestyle .

If you are a health / beauty professional  :

-SPA specialists

- cosmetologists

- physicians

- nutritionnists

-health coaches

- holistic therapists

-massage therapists...

If you are looking for a new hobby, business or profession

This is an entry-level, in-depth class, open to all learners. 
170 EUR 
Take advantage of the early bird rate  if you register before 15th of February 2018
150 EUR

How does it work?

1. You get an access to a secured website

After registration and payment you receive a password  and a login name for a webinar website. You get an access to exclusive online course materials and videos, organised into 10 guided classes.

2. The first class starts on 28 February - we meet once a week

Our online classes take place on Wednesdays 19h30 СЕТ (London 18h30). 10 classes of 1,5 hours each. You may see the detailed program here

3. You get an access to a closed Facebook group - created especially for course participants.

You benefit from this access for lifetime . It is a great place to share, to ask questions and receive the updates and the new information. 

4. Video recordings will be available after each webinar .

Even if you can't make it to one of the classes, you can always see it later on when you have time.

5. Easy access

All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop / phone/ ipad...

6. Certification
Each participant will receive a certificate of participation to the course.
7. You get an exclusive possibility to participate to the second module starting in May 2018 specialising in aroma-psychology & olfactotherapy.

What are the topics:

Aromatherapy for the whole family:  adults, kids and expecting moms
Immune system and respiratory system
Musculoskeletal system
Digestive system
Emotions & nervous system
Hair, skin & body beauty naturally
Essential oils for home: kick out toxins

Detailed program:

10 lessons once a week

Lesson 1
  • Aromatherapy history, essential oil .

  • Essential oil safety.

  • Usage methods of essential oils.

  • Aromatic biochemistry - science behind the essential oils



Lesson 2
  • How to make a Family First Aid kit for kids, adults and pregnant women?  

  • How to use and why?



Lesson 3
  • Preventive and curative properties of essential oils. Immune system and respiratory system: functioning, barriers, methods of protection and prevention.  

  • Detailed overview of 10 essential oils.



Lesson 4
  • Preventive and curative properties of essential oils. Muscoloskeletal system.

  • Detailed overview of 9 essential oils.



Lesson 5
  • Preventive and curative properties of essential oils. Digestive system. Nutrition. Detox.

  • Detailed overview of 5 essential oils.



Lesson 6
  • Preventive and curative properties of essential oils. Digestive system. Nutrition. Detox. Part 2.

  • Detailed overview of 5 essential oils.



Lesson 7
  • Preventive and curative properties of essential oils.  Nervous system and emotions. Detailed overview of 5 essential oils.



Lesson 8
  • Preventive and curative properties of essential oils. Nervous system and emotions. Part 2. Detailed overview of 5 essential oils.



Lesson 9


  • Preventive and curative properties of essential oils.  Body, skin, hair health and beauty.

  • Detailed overview of 5 essential oils.


Lesson 10
  • Аromatherapy in our home. Essential oils use in household.

  • Questions- answers. Examples.



Anna Maria

certified aromatherapist, olfactotherapist, aromatologist (French School of Integrative Aromatherapy), trainer, life coach and consultant. Anna Maria is also a trainer in interpersonal communication and conflict management certified in Karpman Process Model® (Transactional Analysis), certified facilitator in Transformation Game®, Reiki master teacher in French Academy of Traditional Reiki, trained in Process Communication Model®, manual therapy, nutritional health, morphopsychology and body oriented therapy.

Internationally recognised aromatherapist and coach, Anna Maria travels the world, is a speaker in various health and wellness conferences, brings her students to distilleries and essential oil production sites, shares her knowledge and passion for essential oils and healthy lifestyle. 

Alyona Zaparozhenko

aromatherapist, trainer and consultant in system and family constellation therapy, EFT practitioner,  yoga teacher and Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, vedic astrologist,  co-founder of Aroma Life Institute. Alyona accompanies people to well-being and balance in life.


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